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Benijofar, Costa Blanca, Spain – More than just a Village…


Benijofar village, located on the Southern Costa Blanca, has a fascinating history of development. Over the centuries, this quaint village has grown and evolved, becoming a charming destination for tourists and a beloved home for its residents.

The roots of Benijofar can be traced back to ancient times, when the area was inhabited by the Iberians, a prehistoric civilization. The village was then under the rule of the Romans, who established small settlements in the region. These settlements were primarily agricultural, taking advantage of the fertile soil and pleasant Mediterranean climate.

As time went on, Benijofar was influenced by various cultures and civilizations. The Moors, a medieval Muslim people, left a significant impact on the village. The Moors introduced advancements in agriculture and irrigation systems, which greatly enhanced the productivity of the land. This period of Moorish influence also led to the construction of important landmarks, such as the iconic water (built circa 1659) wheel which still stands to this day.

During the Reconquista, a period of Christian reconquest in the Iberian Peninsula, Benijofar was gradually incorporated into the Kingdom of Valencia. This marked a turning point in the village’s history, as it began to flourish under Christian rule. The surrounding landscape was transformed into fruitful orchards and vibrant gardens, adorned with blooming flowers.

In the 19th century, Benijofar experienced significant growth as rice cultivation became a major economic activity in the region. The village became known for its agricultural prosperity, with vast rice fields stretching as far as the eye could see. With the advent of modern infrastructure, connections with nearby towns and cities improved, further contributing to Benijofar’s development.

Today, Benijofar seamlessly blends its rich history with modern amenities and a friendly atmosphere. Its picturesque streets are lined with traditional whitewashed houses, adorned with colourful flowerpots and charming balconies. The village square, bustling with local cafés and shops, serves as a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.

There are many new shopping centres featuring a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants. Additionally, you can enjoy several parks and recreational areas such as La Cañada Marsá park. The Nature Reserve is home to sensory gardens, lakes, a vegetation zone with diverse wildlife, BBQ and picnic spots, bike paths, a fitness area, and an outdoor theatre.

Benijofar’s commitment to preserving its natural surroundings is evident in its lush parks and gardens. The village boasts beautifully maintained green spaces, perfect for leisurely strolls and picnics. The majestic Segura River, which flows through Benijofar, offers serene spots for relaxation and breath-taking views.
With its close proximity to the stunning sandy beaches of the Costa Blanca, Benijofar has also become a popular destination for tourists seeking both relaxation and cultural experiences. Visitors can explore the village’s rich history through its well-preserved heritage sites and participate in local festivals and traditional events.

Benijofar Village is also renowned for its vibrant fiestas and special calender dates.

Throughout the year, this charming village comes alive with an array of cultural celebrations and festivities that truly capture the heart and soul of the local community.

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in Benijofar is the annual “Fiesta de San Jaime,” honouring the patron saint of the village. This lively two-week long fiesta takes place in late July and features traditional music, dance, a street parade, and delicious local cuisine. The streets are adorned with colourful decorations, and the air is filled with laughter and excitement as families and friends come together to celebrate.

Another highlight on the village’s calendar is the “Dia de la Virgen del Rosario.” Held on October 7th, this religious feast honours the Virgen del Rosario, the patroness of Benijofar. Residents gather at the village church for a special mass, followed by a vibrant procession through the streets. The procession is a visual spectacle, with participants carrying beautifully adorned statues of the Virgin Mary.

During the summer months, Benijofar also hosts the “Noche de la Amistad,” or Night of Friendship. This event brings together locals and visitors alike for a night of music, dancing, and entertainment. The village square transforms into a lively party venue, where people of all ages can enjoy live performances and indulge in delicious food from local vendors.

If you’re looking for an authentic taste of Spanish cuisine and wine, then don’t miss the annual Tapas Route Rueda de las Tapas. Held in early October every year, this three-day event brings together bars and eateries who showcase their best tapas dishes. To make it convenient for tourists, there’s a tourist train that operates throughout the day, dropping you off at each participating establishment.

During the Tapas Route, each bar and restaurant competes for the title of the best tapas. Typically, there are three different tapas to try at each place, and you have the opportunity to score them out of 10. At the end of the event, all the votes are counted, and the winner is crowned with the prestigious award of “Best Tapas” for that year.

With around 15 bars and eateries taking part, it’s important to pace yourself. It’s customary to enjoy a small glass of cold beer or wine alongside your tapas, adding to the overall experience and enjoyment of the event. So, make sure you savour each bite and sip as you embark on this culinary journey.

Discover the rich flavours of traditional Spanish cuisine, indulge in the finest tapas, and savour the local wines during the Tapas Route Rueda de las Tapas. This festive event promises a delightful and memorable gastronomic experience with every stop along the way.

In addition to these special dates, Benijofar Village also offers a wide range of cultural activities throughout the year. From art exhibitions and theatre performances to traditional music concerts, there’s always something to suit every taste and interest.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, experiencing the fiestas and special dates in Benijofar Village is an unforgettable experience. The warmth and friendliness of the local community, coupled with the vibrant atmosphere, create a memorable celebration of tradition, culture, and togetherness.

Benijofar is not just a village; it is a testament to the resilience and spirit of its people. It has grown and transformed yet continues to embrace its past and embrace progress. Whether you are a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a warm and welcoming community, Benijofar offers a myriad of experiences to savour and memories to cherish.

Benijofar is located just 10km from the beaches in Guardamar del Segura and around 12km from Torrevieja. Alicante airport is just a 30-35 minute drive and Covera airport is approximately a 50 minute drive away.

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